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Five gallon DIY slow sand filter update May 2, 2014

Can I save money on my water bill by using a rain barrel?  April 28, 2014

Designing a DIY slow sand filter: what to consider April 18, 2014

A counter top slow sand water filter April 17, 2014

DIY 5 gallon slow sand filter update April 11, 2014

DIY 5 gallon slow sand filter (experiment) update March 13, 2014

Backwashing a slow sand filter March 8, 2014

DIY 5 gallon Slow sand filter update for February 2014 February 7, 2014

Drought in the U.S. : what you can do

Rain water harvesting regulations in Ohio

Harvest rainwater help alleviate the effects of Drought

DIY 5 gallon slow sand filter update

Slow sand filters in freezing temperatures

Rain water harvesting is not illegal (lets keep it that way)

Sustainable water filtration

DIY 5 gallon slow sand filter update

Water filter test summary

Uniformity coefficient of sand

Slow sand water filter operation and water clarity

Roofing material and rain water harvesting

DIY 5 Gallon slow sand filter (experiment)

Biological water filtration with sand (Why does it work?)

Slow sand filter operation during dry spells

Clarification on Rainwater harvesting laws

Does Moss “eat away at your roof”? (Update)

It is NOT illegal to catch rainwater in “most states”

Rainwater harvesting regulations state by state: Updates

Slow sand water filter failure: update on filter 5

Rain water harvesting and filtering

Rainwater harvesting regulation

filter 4 modifications

small slow sand filter operation and maintenance

First flow diverter: answer to YouTube comment

DIY slow sand filters: More lessons learned Update

DIY Slow sand filters: More lessons learned

Potable water from a DIY slow sand filter?

Slow sand filter study: lessons learned

Update on filter 4, and 5

Rain water  harvesting regulations state by state

Water quality tests on filter 4

Backwashing a slow sand filter

Tests on a slow sand filter after freezing and thawing (Filter 5)

Water quality tests on a DIY slow sand filter

slow sand filters in freezing weather: update

Will a slow sand water filter survive freezing weather?

How to know if a slow sand filter I see on the web will actually work when I build it

Slow sand filters in below freezing weather

Rainwater harvesting in Washington state

Slow sand filter field test (filter 5)

Slow sand filter construction and operation with roof water harvesting

slow sand filter construction techniques

Testing the water from a slow sand filter

Roof water filtration system

Finding sand and mesh size for a slow sand filter

Slow sand water filter sand source

water filter sand

How does a slow sand water filter work?

Slow sand water filter DIY video

Can I use beach sand in my slow sand water filter?

Slow sand filter water testing

Slow sand water filter news

Slow sand filter construction: a brief summary of success and failure

Slow sand filter functionality

Biomatic pond filter: update

Roof water harvesting and emergency water supply

Slow sand filter storage container: More info on Filter 4

Flow rate record for filter 4

Rain barrels and roof water harvesting

Observations of filter 4 (what has been learned)

Filter 4 update

sand sizes used in filter 4

Filter 4 is working

Filter 4 in operation (YouTube video)

Slow sand filter construction (update on filter 4)

Water filter sand sources

How to clean a slow sand filter

Diverter barrel size: 55 gallons or smaller?

Slow sand filter construction Many images and photographs of a filter in construction

Chlorine, THMs and HAAs (Trihalomethanes and Haloacetic acids) and other chemical water pollutants

DIY first flow diverter (part 2 is done and available on youtube) large photo of diverter parts

Moss, roofing material, and roofwater harvesting: The roots of moss do not “eat away” at your roof.

Using roof water on a vegetable garden

Concrete block cistern

Science, observations, experiments, results, peer review and the internet

slow sand filter, biological sand filter – nomenclature vs design

DIY first flush diverter provides cleaner roof water diverter video

New diverter construction photographs and explanations of first flush diverter construction

Slow sand filter flow rate

Slow sand filter update info on freezing of filters and functionality of pond filters

The pond filter experiment after 7 months of operation

State policy on rain barrels and roof water harvesting in Washington state Wa. state allows roof water harvesting as of Oct 2009 read about it here

Just a reminder. . . . please stay on topic

Science, technology, safe water, biological water filters, and “beliefs” a philosophical rant – sort of

A slight diversion . . . . links to other sites authored by the one who does this blog – similar topics

Poisons from PVC pipe may be the least of our worries . . .

PVC pipe: does it poison water?

Biomatic pond filter: The pond filter experiment pond filter after 15 weeks operation

Slow sand filters work despite those who don’t “believe” they do talk about science, hands on experience (empirical research), and certified testing

Don’t take water for granted another rant – sort of

Harvesting Rainwater from a composition (asphalt) roof

Cleaning (maintainence on) a (biological) slow sand filter (wet harrowing)

Safe water through sustainable practices: The slow sand filter    July 27, 2008

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