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You may wonder: “Why does someone want to spend time writing a blog about water”? After all, water is just always there. Just go to your kitchen and turn on the tap and there it is, no worries; right? But, wait a minute – without water a person will die in less than 5 days. In very hot weather, a person might have 2 or 3 days before they are too weak to even look for  water. Water is second only to clean air (oxygen) for physical survival. Both clean water, and non-polluted air are basic human rights, period. So, the purpose here is to offer a starting point for anyone looking for alternative ways to access clean water. This blog is not the end all, be all source for water purification technology. It is merely a starting place. There are no guarantees offered here, only experience and results found. There have been and may be, errors in design, and devices described that do not work in all situations. Each person building and using any filter described on this blog is totally responsible for its performance, regardless of what is found here on this blog.

Know that, for most people in “developed” areas, water is not really a huge issue. That’s true for a small fraction of the people on this earth.  However; for the majority of people water is a HUGE issue. there are over 750 million people in the world who do not have access to clean water.

Millions of people get sick each year because they do not have access to clean water. I could go on here, there is information available all over the net.

We encourage comments that reflect actual experience with sustainable water filtration technology, rain water harvesting, roofwater harvesting, rain barrel systems, ideas or suggestions not found here, or the study of water quality. Also, if you have a website that documents your research or experience with those topics, please do include a link to it. We don’t have a problem with promoting non-profit websites or blogs that encourage collaboration and the sharing of information. Please keep your comments on topic.

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2 Responses to Terms Of Use (Content)

  1. Orpheus says:

    Possibly. I have not tried specifically to filter out iron, so I cannot say for sure. Hopefully, someone who has experience with this will reply.

  2. Steve Bavis says:

    I want to build a slow sand filter to filter out the iron in my well water.
    Do you have any experience with this or do you think it will work ?

    Thank you,
    Steve B